Myriad Xpressions was founded in 2014 in Uganda by myself, Amelo Ejalu, an Information Technology (IT) Professional with a passion for fashion, in between a 9 month dry spell of Project Management Consulting assignments.


Leveraging skills and interests of a previous hobby in fashion design and garment construction, from 1990s, I chose to focus on self-teaching Jewellery Making, and here I am today. Passionate about making my clients look good, feel great and confident in their unique style.

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How we can help you

Myriad Xpressions helps enhance style, lift up moods and increase the confidence of women with distinct and versatile handmade Jewellery and accessories for any type of occasion - whether it be work, everyday use, a stint at the beach, a sports day out, a night out or something more formal such as a wedding, business event or graduation.


We are your "go-to" designers and makers for a wide range of unique, chic, elegant and trendy quality Jewellery and Accessories. We use a mix of materials – ceramics, wood, pearls, crystals, glass, paper, cloth, shells, bones, metal to plastics, and more